Kawe’s flexible and personal solutions are always based on our client’s wishes.

The foundation for the basic principles of ergonomics of all our buildings is the experience of our Norwegian partners, built upon the construction of cost-effective and environmentally friendly buildings.
The main goal is energy savings and a small CO2 footprint, along with low maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the building.

We believe that Kawe’s portfolio contains a suitable office, industrial or logistics space to meet the tastes and preferences of every client.

Available spaces


When creating each new development, we find a unique location, one that ultimately produces a special harmony with both the external and interior architecture.

The class A energy efficiency rating is a priority for us, as it improves the heat retention of the home and heating costs do not present a burden on the wallet.


With regard to the interior decoration of the buildings, we maintain authentic and cosy Nordic features.

Kawe’s homes are spacious, with pleasant balconies offering more spacious than usual and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fast and reliable client support

We consider our own management service to be one of our core values.

Our highly experienced administration team always remains close to our clients, and operative customer service is solved using the KAWE MANAGER intranet environment.

We can be trusted

Kawe is a group of undertakings involved in real estate investment.

For 20 years, we have been investing in commercial real estate, buying and constructing our own buildings. Our portfolio currently includes 10 office and eight industrial real estate buildings with a total value of EUR 166 million.

Kawe’s portfolio contains office space that meets every wish and need. We value quality and partnership, and always take the time to delve deeper. We react quickly and always offer optimal solutions.
We stand by our clients on a daily basis, providing support through Kawe’s professional management team. In doing so, we have created a respected business environment for 110 clients.

In 2022 we chose a new direction and entered the residential development market. The Türi Quarter, with its 183 apartments, is our first development; followed by several similar-sized developments in the heart of Tallinn.

19 objects with a total area of

190 000 m2