Always ready to help

We manage and maintain all our buildings ourselves on a daily basis. Our administrative team has long-term experience, with over 15 years of experience in Kawe. We consider it a priority to provide our clients with reliable and operative administrative services.

Time and cost savings are important

The goal of the Kawe administrative team is to ensure that our clients’ business premises and all of our buildings are optimally maintained and functioning properly.

Our team consists of professionals from different professional backgrounds, whose knowledge and skills create synergies to find quick and easily accessible solutions. This allows us to achieve greater time and cost savings for our clients.

Being well-versed with all of our objects on a technological level, we are able to quickly assess the situation at every step and solve even the most unexpected of challenges. We provide operative client service and resolve urgent needs with the help of Kawe Manager intranet environment.

We have a positive attitude towards challenges

Office buildings are technologically complex buildings, and failures in technical systems do occur. Kawe’s administrative team responds and, if possible, resolves concerns on the same day. The work is always fast and well-done, be it electrical work, plumbing or minor construction work. If the client reports the problem via the intranet, the manager will immediately chart all wishes and areas of concern.

Based on the problem, the manager:

  • involves a maintenance specialist or, if necessary, sends a construction specialist to help
  • helps to organise minor repairs
  • finds a specialist at the best price for major repairs

We are constantly looking for innovative technological solutions with the aim of improving the quality of our service and offering even more convenient working conditions to our clients.


Leave us your requests and contact details and we will get back to you. We will always find a solution!