News / Construction has begun on Türi Kvartal’s third building.

Construction has begun on Türi Kvartal’s third building.

We are delighted to announce the commencement of construction for the third edifice within the esteemed Türi Kvartal development project.

Following the successful reception of our inaugural residential initiative, we are proud to report that all apartments within the Türi 9/1 structure have been acquired, with only a limited number of residences remaining in the Türi 9/2 building.

Peeter Soovik, Kawe’s Housing Development Manager, expressed his appreciation for the positive feedback received from residents, stating, “We are profoundly thankful and honored by the satisfaction expressed by the homeowners within Türi Kvartal. The architectural integrity, superior construction standards, and meticulously designed floor plans have garnered especial commendation. It is particularly gratifying to observe the exceptional energy efficiency achieved in Kawe’s residential constructions, which have facilitated some of the most cost-effective heating expenditures during the inaugural winter season when compared to analogous new projects.”

In our commitment to sustaining excellence in construction, we have once again appointed our trusted partner, Riser Ehitus, to undertake the construction of the third building. Our enduring partnership with Riser Ehitus underscores a mutual dedication to quality and shared values, consistently yielding exemplary outcomes. The construction of the Türi 9/3 is anticipated to reach completion by the summer of 2025, allowing new homeowners to take occupancy by no later than August.

The Türi Kvartal project continues to set the benchmark for high-quality living environments, catering to those in pursuit of modern, comfortable, and energy-efficient residences. Further details regarding Türi Kvartal are accessible at

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