News / Kawe supports the Estonian padel team’s journey to the European Championships

Kawe supports the Estonian padel team’s journey to the European Championships

At the XIII European Padel Championships qualification tournament held in Oslo, the Estonian women’s teams achieved an outstanding result by winning against the teams from Norway and Lithuania, both with scores of 2:1. This victory secured their place at the European Championships taking place from July 22-27 in Cagliari, Italy.

The performance of the Estonian men’s team was also noteworthy, securing a strong win over Turkey with a score of 3:0, where the Turkish team managed to win only one game across three matches. Unfortunately, a narrow loss to Monaco 1:2 did not advance the men from the qualification tournament.

Women’s teams from the following countries will compete at the European Championships: Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, and Hungary.

Men’s teams from Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Monaco, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria will participate.

Both the men’s and women’s teams’ participation is supported by Kawe and private donors. Padel, a rapidly growing sport, is vigorously developing in Estonia, and players have the opportunity to hone their skills at KawePadel padel center at Paekaare 11, as well as many other centers across Estonia.

Our athletes’ journey and preparations for the games in Italy continue intensely, and we eagerly anticipate their performance on the big stage.

Photo: Trevor Kosemaa

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