News / The largest padel hall in Estonia – Kawe Padel

The largest padel hall in Estonia – Kawe Padel

Kawe has supported the completion of Estonia’s first and largest indoor hall, specifically designed for padel tennis, located at Paepargi 11, Lasnamäe – now named Kawe Padel.

Beyond its core activities, Kawe has always been keen to promote sports and healthy lifestyles. This commitment is evidenced by our support for the creation of Estonia’s premier and most expansive padel tennis hall, designed explicitly for the sport, and situated at Paepargi 11, Lasnamäe – named Kawe Padel.

Kawe Padel stands out with its seven indoor courts that meet international standards, ensuring excellent playing conditions for both amateurs and professionals. Additionally, the center is set to expand in the spring with two outdoor courts, allowing players to enjoy padel in the open air.

Padel tennis boasts nearly 3,000 players in Estonia. Across the country, there are 69 padel courts, 40 of which are indoor. The sports facility in Tallinn is the largest and the first in Estonia specifically built for padel tennis.

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