Kawe began renovating its first office building – Kawe Plaza – in the fall of 2022. The renovation of one of the first glass façade office buildings in Estonia was primarily due to the age of the building and the desire to modernise conditions for our clients.

There will be no changes made to the exterior appearance and structures of Kawe Plaza, the front and rear facades and all technical equipment will be replaced to achieve better energy efficiency throughout the building. For example, the U-value of the new glass façade along Pärnu Hwy. is three times better than that of the old one. Along with the upgrading of utility systems, the building’s automation will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

Kawe Plaza, one of the first office buildings in Tallinn with a full glass façade, was completed 24 years ago, in the autumn of 1998. The architect of the unique office building, with its curved glass façade reminiscent of a woman’s body, is the Canadian architect of Estonian origin Henno Sillaste. The 7500 m2 office building is a landmark on the outskirts of Freedom Square, having been home to many companies throughout the years.

The renovation works will be carried out by Riser Ehitus.

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